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This is so cute and the comments are gold.

Clicky for a sweet story of a couple of nerds....
Was gonna post a whole load of stuff here but decided it was all crap and far too introverted for anyone to want to read it, so I deleted it.

So take this as a 'Hello I'm still here' and move along.
Hypnoboobs! Ah, I miss those days. Looking forward to all the mentals getting back together at the party next weekend (tho will miss a Ree lady, and a Dr Dee, among others who can't make it, very much).
I'm crazy busy at the moment so just copying this from my Facebook note!

We have graciously stepped out of our usual Saturday slot to make way for a Wedding Reception, so this month Terminal is on FRIDAY 14th of August @ The Stores, Dereham Road, Norwich.

As well as our usual brand of 'anything that goes bleep or oontz' from DJ's Mz_Pink, Mikki, Numanator and Alien Radio, the Stores are also putting on a barbeque! £2 gets you a product in some bread of your choice and there will be a veggie option also. I've heard there's salad too, but no-one's going to force you to eat your greens *^_^*

So come along Friday from 9pm. It's been a year since we did the first one already. Blimey.
Dear insert deity here,

Please please please do not let me have the Pig Plague. I can see it surrounding me with it's little pink snout. Tiny black eyes are staring at me out of the darkness. It's tail is curling in a manner that insinuates it wanting to constrict me in it's snotty embrace.

I really want to enjoy my first whole week off work since I can't even remember when the last time was. I'd really like to go and see my incredibly elderly grandparents, but I fear your proximity makes even the idea of it a dangerous escapade which could end in sorrow.

If you get me while I am having my week with my Hippy I will hunt you down and kill you so hard your entire ancestry will expire with you.

*shakes fist at the sky full of winged swine*

Further piccies on Flickr

Latitude was awesome, back at work = boo, will do a proper update in the very near future before all the funs seep out of my brain!
Right, last minute packing bits and then we're off to Latitude!!

Also, the Hippy has pointed out that it's 10,000 days today since I was born. Happy 10,000th day to me!

Y'all be good while I'm away! *^_^*
There's a coupla guys playing music in the Uni square (open day) that sound very similar to the awesome band Cake.

They just played 'I Will Survive' and when the synth line came in THEY PLAYED IT ON A KAZOO.

If it's actually pulled off I can imagine it'll be pretty awesome.

I won't spam you all with the flyer again, but please make sure you're aware that Terminal is back to its usual SATURDAY night slot and is NOT on FRIDAY.

Please come and buy me caffine related products. After two 5 hour long meetings in the last two days, along with a trip to see the Grandfolks Saturday daytime, it's probably going to take quite a lot to stop me from falling asleep at the decks.

As the lovely andromeda_x is going to be leaving Naarch and we're giving her a nice send-off, I need the energies to be able to play lovely choons of Bleeps and Oontzs.

That's it, back to your regularly scheduled LJ. *^_^*
Sooooo cute I just had to share!

Green Party - 57/75
Liberal Democrats - 49/75
Jury Team (who?) - 49/75
Conservative - 40/75
Libertas (again, who?) - 40/75
Labour - 37/75
UKIP - 17/75

Does your vote match up to your policies?
I have just found out that 65 Days Of Static are playing at Latitude.



**Alternative Dance - Electro, Techno, EBM**

**DJ's - Mz_Pink, Mikki_G, Numanator and Alien Radio**

FRIDAY May 15th 2009
Free Entry
9pm till late.

Tell people, bring people, there will be cake drink....

Also check out our website at www.needlecastpromotions.com/terminal.

(There's a large smoking patio with sofas and music from the pub for smokers too!)

**Alternative Dance - Electro, Techno, EBM**

**DJ's - Mz_Pink, Mikki_G, Numanator and Alien Radio**

Saturday April 18th 2009
(3rd Saturday of Every Month)
Free Entry
9pm till late.

Tell people, bring people, there will be cake drink....

(There's a large smoking patio with sofas and music from the pub for smokers too!)


(x-posted, soz if this shows several times on your f-list!)
I would like to point you all to this entry of toby_cyberbat's.

For those who can't as it's f-locked, essentially, go buy this.


It is -awesome-. Toby worked uber hard to get them to release it in the UK, so if you have a 360 it's a bargain at 29.99 from HMV and you get to run around as a scantily clad cowgirl and kill hoards of zombies with swords! And there's -tons- of blood! And a zombie Orca!

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *^_^*

(Also, birthday was cool, nummy foods, got stuffs I've wanted for aaages and it's the ball this weekend! = D)
* Describe me in one word, just one single word. Positive or negative.

* Leave your word in a comment, before looking at what words others have used.

* Copy and paste the meme to your journal to find out how people describe you when limited to one word (if you want)

(Second attempt as teh interwebs fell over last time...)